Thursday, November 28, 2013

[CABAL] Understanding AXP and W.EXP

Good Day guys, as we all know or if you haven't notice right now, CABAL Online has an on-going event which is Thanksgiving bonus event where EXP, AXP and W.EXP will receive an addition +77% until December 1st of this year.

Now, what I'm about to inform you is what are AXP and W.EXP? I know some of you have read about this or heard about it and still doesn't have an idea on what does this feature do or how will these benefit your character.

Let me introduce you to W.EXP or War Experience first, this is obtain when you join Mission War or common known as MWAR. This EXP depends on your score after a war each score corresponds into a W.EXP. There are also factors that may increase the amount of W.EXP that you obtain by having premium account service, with the use of Blessing Beads or an event, which is currently happening right now.

How are you going to benefit from your W.EXP? You can exchange 100 W.EXP at a time from NPC Officer Morison at Port Lux. An exchange will give you EXP, Honor Points, and Skill EXP depending on your character's level, Honor class and Skill rank respectively.

Next is AXP, it is an ability EXP that can be gained just like EXP, AXPs is converted to AP, and these points can be used to learn passive skills. You can access this if you have reach level 120, this where you will use those Essence runes that you obtain from monsters or from players that sell them either on the Agent Shop or by just shouting. This passive skills can make your character even stronger but with this power you need to choose wisely from the available runes the offer different benefits that may help your character in progressing inside the game.

That's all the information I can provide right now, I hope in this article I have made you understand a little bit about these feature, that they can also help improve your character.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[CABAL Online] Crafting 101

Good Day guys, I'm back with some guides on another feature present inside CABAL Online. Common for some MMORPGs, we always read about other players if ever a game has a craft system or how can we rate the crafting system on the online games that we play.

Crafting in CABAL Online has a level requirement of 50. When you reach that level you're going to have a quest on an NPC on Port Lux which will give you an access on the Crafting window when you press "F".

This is the Crafting or Production window shown below, once you receive a Craftsman Token from NPC Chloe you can now add items that you want to craft. As an example I chose to craft a Craftsman's Bluestin Blade.

- Type of weapon or armor, you can choose starting at Bluestin all the way up to Forcium grade.

- On my drop down box, I can see Critical Rate, Critical DMG and All Skill Amp. Up

- How many do you like to make.

Required Materials
- Items needed to craft the chosen weapon or armor.

Note: Hover your mouse on the Bluestin Blade or on the first required material in order to know what do you need to look for. Sometimes an item requires to have 1 or 2 weapon slot for it to be qualified as your material for crafting.

Then if you have completed all the materials needed, just click the Craft button and wait for the result.

Reminder: Every time you craft there's a required energy for it so when you max out all of your energy you can't craft anymore but energy will be refilled on a certain time interval. See the Battery like figure on top of the Crafting screen, the one with 1000/1000 on it.

This information is also a heads-up for new CABAL Online players that wants to craft items on their own. You can save up materials and create gears for you or for profit. Let's discuss more about the game, please leave a comment below.

Monday, November 11, 2013

[CABAL Online] Planning to join MWAR? Read this...

Good day guys, I would like to provide some tips on what do  you need to do when you join CABAL Online's Mission War, especially for new players or for those that are waiting for the game to be available on Steam. If you haven't read the news, CABAL Online will be available on Steam soon since it has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight.

Quick instructions if you are a newbie to Mission War:


There are different tiers available on Mission War. CABAL Online designed this system to sort the player's level on different tiers in-order for others not to be overwhelmed by higher levels or to provide a more fair game play during the war. There is a fee if ever you want to join the Mission War:

Tier 1 ---- Level 52 ~ 79 ---- 50,000 alz
Tier 2 ---- Level 80 ~ 109 ---- 250,000 alz
Tier 3 ---- Level 110 ~ 139 ---- 500,000 alz
Tier 4 ---- Level 140 ~ 169 ---- 750,000 alz
Tier 5 ---- Level 170 ~ 190 ---- 1,000,00 0 alz


When you have been ported on the Mission War lobby you will notice that other players from your nation that are on the level bracket same as you are currently gathering on a room. You guys will need to wait for 10 minutes before the war starts. This is the time to look for party members and prepare yourself to the battle. Checking of potions, gears and buffs.

Partying will save you and will create a higher chance of winning the war. Find a group, the larger the better for you to defeat the Legacy Guardians and suppress your foes easily.


Heading out into the war without any recovery items is a No-No. You need to purchase the Health Kits being sold by NPC Grocer Kate. Vital Gears range from different amount of heal upon using it. Choose the appropriate one for you. Since, if you notice that your character's HP has changed and was increased dramatically, So using your normal potion will only give a small amount of HP.


- You need to kill Legacy Guardians and own the Tower-like figure its guarding you can also summon Legacy Guardians of your Nation to protect that tower for being captured. Press M to show the map and go to the closest Green (Neutral) or Red (Enemy) bases.

- You want to get 30 points before the time runs out:

  • Attacking Legacy Guardians is the best way to get points.
  • Attacking enemy players also gets you points.
  • You get points for taking damage.

- At the end of the game, if you have 30 points, you win WExp, Alz, and a Mission War Buff Capsule.

Well there you have, I hope I have given you some useful insights on what's happening inside the Mission War every time a pop-up window appears on your lower right screen, it's an invitation if ever you want to join the war.

Bonus Info: Whenever you defeated a Legacy Guardian, it drops a legendary or legacy chest. Destroy it and some useful consumables can be use to help you inside. Also, look for an item called Legacy Weapon. It's a cube pick it up and right click it. Your weapon(s) will be enhanced.

Does my guide helped? Let's discuss about it by commenting below. Thanks!

Monday, October 28, 2013

[CABAL Online] Achieve Easy Levels Starting at 75

Now that CABAL Online is currently having a server boost due to the fact that they got greenlit on Steam Greenlight and will eventually be available on Steam soon. This the best time for new players and returnees to increase their character's levels. And what could be an easy way to do it?

- Look for a spot that spawn a huge number of monsters.
- Skill all the way to obtain experience points.

I will be providing some leveling guide when you reach level 75. Achieving this level is not that hard just do all the quest from level 1 up to 74 and it will be a breeze.

Welcome to Fort Ruina! You can access this map when you reach level 65. However, you can access the Ruina Station dungeon when you're at level 75 (that's the dungeon we need to enter).

1. First thing you need is the dungeon pass item which is "Muster Card - Ruina Station", you can purchase this at the Auction House or get be obtain on some dungeons or monsters. If you already have a few of this items having extras will be more efficient as you will be re-entering the dungeon multiple times. (It's a bit pricey I know but I think you have earned enough alz from previous quests to deal with buying the said pass)

2. Once inside, you will only have 30 minutes inside the dungeon, the faster you can reach the designated area the longer you can obtain more experience points to level up. Now, head straight and don't forget to destroy some chests along the way.

3. Defeat Invader Mechape T-2, use combo skill for faster kills.

4. After that proceed to the open gate and make your way through the next boss monster.

5. Turn left and don't mind the monsters attacking you, just concentrate on the boss monsters first.

6. Defeat Invader Mechape T-B (2nd boss) this will open the gate on to the left side.

7. Now, I know time is on your side but it's your own choice here. On the right side there's a chest to obtain a loot so whether you want to get it or not it's your choice. If you want to get it, dash your way to the right then go back to the left path since that's the way you need to take for the 3rd boss monster.

8. Head straight and dash & blink non-stop until you reach the 3rd boss monster.

9. Then there's Invader Excavator - R2, defeat it to open the gate behind him.

10. Continue moving forward and ignore the monsters, you need to lessen the time that  you're wasting.

11. Head down the path, this is only a mix of left and right turns. You won't be lost here.

12. Check the Mirror Gate highlighted below, that gate will open once you get trap. Well, not really a real trap since the next room will be put on a lock down and if ever there's an instance that you will be defeated. The mirror gate will open and you need to enter the portal to be ported inside the locked room again.

13. Now, this is the fun part. Once you step inside the room it will be locked. The concept of this area is to defeat the Invader MechBuffalo+ indicated with the red box. See those statues indicated with the yellow boxes? If you destroy on of those a number of Invader MechBuffalo+ will appear, I think one or two. This will serve as a distraction in defeating the required MechBuffalo to summon the 4th boss monster.

BUT we do not need to defeat or we don't mind defeating it. What we want is to gather Invader MechBuffalo+ by destroying the statues. Gather as much as you want and whenever some of the monsters ignores you meaning you reached the number of monsters being aggressive on your character. Start swinging some AoE skills and watch your exp bar filling up fast.

14. You don't need to finish the dungeon, just keep on summoning Invader MechBuffalo+ by destroying the statues and skill all the way and fill your exp bar until the dungeon time expires. You can re-enter the dungeon as much as you like as long as you have the pass and gain some levels fast.

Did you find my guide useful? Please leave a comment below!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Caballoween 101

Hey everyone! It's been a while how did you find the events of CABAL Online for Halloween?

I have been playing the game when the server boost had started and now that the Halloween events have been added. I found out some information regarding these events.

Pumpkin Mayhem

Here's the droplist for Jack-o'Lantern monster:

Jack-o'Lanterns are easily to find they respawn on random places in a map and are very tough by having high defense but they don't do much damage.

Here's the droplist for CABAL Lantern monster:

"Courtesy of Google Image"

CABAL Lantern is like the pumpkin boss which much bigger and has some pumpkin minions surrounding it. I haven't spotted one yet since I think many players are hunting this monster.

*All items are account binding

Note: The Halloween trick ticket seems doesn't have any value or not that important since it has a message "Better Luck Next Time". I only dish out this ticket since it's taking up space on my inventory.

Level Rewards

All you have to do is to talk to Event NPC Yul and check your level and received the rewards listed below. Remember, once you reached a certain level you need to collect those rewards because if ever your character level exceeds on one of the range you will no longer be able to collect the previous rewards.

Well that's about it I hope I have given you some important information regarding the events. Also, server boost is still on-going you can easily achieve levels and receive rewards from the level rewards event. And if ever you still haven't know yet CABAL Online has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and will be available on Steam soon.

Have you spotted CABAL Lantern already? Comment below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caballoween has Arrived!

It's is here! CABAL Online announced two events for the Halloween. Check out the mechanics here. And recently they have added more treats for us to enjoy. Hellforged weapon skins, Halloween costumes, special pet packages and Halloween candy.

"Hellforged Skin for Daikatana"

I'm currently been reaching out levels to receive rewards from the "Level Rewards Event" since I have created a new character just to try out another class and leveling up won't be a problem for me since the game is currently having a server boost which can help me achieve the levels I needed before the end of the event. 

What we're the Halloween treats that you'd liked? Let's discuss it by commenting below.

Don't forget CABAL Online will now be available on Steam soon. Please do check the official website for more information.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Server Boost on CABAL Online

Hey everyone, did you remember the announcement regarding the month-long server boost if ever CABAL Online will be greenlit on Steam Greenlight? Well, it's going to happen on October 10th until November 6th, 2013.

This event is to give back for the support that we have given during their campaign on Steam Greenlight. AXP, Skill XP and PET EXP + 100%, in my understanding the XP will be increase by 100%. I think we should plan on whether do dungeon runs or just pure hunt to obtain xp and increase our character's level, skill and pet. This will also be the right time to those who wants to try out the game, starting on an MMORPG while having a server boost will be advantage and can make a difference in terms of game time to reach a certain level.

So, catch you guys in-game then. Add me up for parties IGN: Maikeru (New Blader). If you to discuss anything about the game, please leave a comment below.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

CABAL Online has been Greenlit!

Yes you read the title right! If ever you have voted YES for CABAL Online during their campaign on Steam Greenlight to be available on Steam, your support paid off because the game got a greenlit when Steam announced the October 2nd Batch of Greenlight Titles.

You guys may want to read the message of ESTsoft to us who supported the game from the start of their campaign until the end or for just giving your yes vote. They truly appreciate the effort that we gave them for the game to be successful and gather enough votes to be included on the said batch.

It has been 83 days since the start of the campaign and many updates or events that have been implemented to boost the support coming from new players, ex-CABAL players, those who got interested and especially to us who were loyal and still playing the game.

Now, it's time to give what all of us deserve before they announced that once they have given a go signal on Steam. They will activate a month-long server boost and the time has come for us to enjoy this reward. The previously mentioned Server Boost will be applied after next week’s maintenance, and will last for an entire month. They added that more details will be available next week and we certainly deserved it!

If ever you want to discuss anything about the game, please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CABAL Online entered Top 10 on Steam Greenlight

Top 10 everyone! If you still haven't get this news, let me tell you then. CABAL Online has announced that they entered the top 10 on Steam Greenlight in their campaign to be available on Steam. Isn't this a great news to all of us CABAL players? They are very close in providing the game that we love into a gaming platform that we recommend to use. Support CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight™.

They also plan on giving a month-long server boost meaning they will activate an XP boost once they have been available on Steam. I think this is to celebrate or giving back to use, those who have given their support to make this happen. But the really catch here in my opinion, is the population increase that we can have once they receive greenlit. Imagine steam users will have a chance to try or comeback to the game which will give us more competition, allies or rivalries which will provide again the urge to go to war and defend our faction. While waiting for this to happen you might want to check out their in-game events.

Also, great news for my Brazilian friends. ESTsoft will handle the service of CABAL Brazil where Gamemaxx handle it before. There's no official announcement yet on when will this happen but in my opinion ESTsoft will provide better service on Brazilian CABAL players.

So, what are we waiting for? We need to keep the support coming on CABAL Online's campaign on Steam Greenlight. You can let your friends that have atleast one game on their steam account vote YES and also they might get hook into it when they tried it. In addition, if ever they want to try out the game they can get free platinum service here and here, to give them better gameplay when trying out the game.

If you want to discuss anything about CABAL Online, please leave a comment below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Server Boost after Greenlit

I read that CABAL Online announced that they're going to start a month-long AXP, Skill EXP, and Pet EXP once they receive the greenlit on Steam Greenlight. All of us will benefit on this success since we're the ones that made this possible by giving our YES votes to the game to be available on Steam.

That is why we need to make it happen, we can spread the word and tell our friends that have atleast one game on their Steam account to vote yes for CABAL Online. Are you not excited for the month-long bonuses? That will be (well hopefully) twice as much experience points that we can receive. Increasing the level of our character and pets will be a breeze when this happens.

So, let's all vote Yes for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight.

Here are the current in-game events:

Weekend of Bonuses and Turtle Takeover Event!

Source: Support CABAL Online On Steam Greenlight: Server Boosts Announced!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cabal Online Steam Greenlight Platinum Push Pack Giveaway

Good day everyone! I bought some great news about CABAL Online. I just read that they are currently giving away free 15-day Platinum Service for the honor of their Steam Greenlight campaign. They're currently giving away 2,000 keys for the free platinum service. If you want to get one check out the links below.


I just want to remind you that you need to have an account on the following sites in order to get the said reward. Also, if you haven't voted YES for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight, do it now! Keep the support coming guys. If ever you want to know what does the platinum service do, here:

- Increased Experience Gain
- Premium Channel Access
- Expanded Inventory and Warehouse Tabs
- Miscellaneous Perks

You're going to enjoy the features above for 15 days! So, for those who are new this is the best way to start and explore the world of CABAL Online.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CABAL Online enters Top 25

Got some good news from last week, I just read that CABAL Online had entered the Top 25 on Steam Greenlight. I may say their campaign is really working in gathering support for those that have steam accounts that are eligible to vote on greenlight. It really shows how others really want to see the game be available on Steam and as I continue browsing their page, I saw that the "Favorite CABAL Online Moment" event got extended, I don't know when will it end since there's no information or I can't locate it but hey there's no wrong in trying but I can still see others commenting there so its still live as of this moment.

And if ever you're wondering how or when will the game be available on Steam, I got this answer from one the GM. quoted:

"This varies, and several different factors are involved. There's no clear-cut requirement for being accepted, but various factors such as ranking, votes, community support, and general public opinion of the game all play key roles. Thanks to our supportive community, we're doing very well on the platform. Continuing the trend of positivity will be an important factor looking forward. Announcing the Top 25 status does mean this: We're close. We're very close, and depending upon the size of the next few batches Valve decides to Greenlight, we may be able to bring CABAL to the platform sooner rather than later. It simply can't be done without the aid of our incredible community.

We have more opportunities coming up for players looking to help us out, and we have more plans for giving back to the community as thanks for their vital support. I can't be too specific just yet, but updates are just around the corner.

Helping us achieve this goal will result in a positive outcome for everyone involved. Whether players choose to play CABAL through Steam or not, it will present the game to a very large demographic, increase the overall population, and enable us to expand upon new features and content we bring to the game. - [GM] Stormcrow"

So let us continue to spread the word and keep the supports coming for CABAL Online to be available on Steam. This is what some of us has been wanting for and it's finally near. Let's vote YES for CABAL.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Share your Favorite CABAL Moment

I have been checking out some updates regarding CABAL Online 's campaign to be available on Steam and found out that they have an event where you will just need to post your "Most Favorite CABAL Moment" to get a reward. (Just don't forget to include your in-game name)

As for me, if you're going to ask me or even if you don't ask me I will still write here my "Most Favorite CABAL Moment".

My favorite CABAL Online moment was when I got my first Astral Bike card.Yes! that awesome common bike, well I think its a common since the others needs to purchase on the cash shop or needed to be hunt elsewhere. I really got excited checking out my characters new ride. I only had an Astral Board at first but when I got the bike I hurriedly dispose of the board. The bike looks fancy and there will low level characters sending you message "Where did you get  that?" and I always boast it with my friends since I was the first one who obtained such ride inside the game. I got drowned with the attention that others was giving to me and it made me so happy and that was one of the most unforgettable or favorite moment on my entire gaming experience on CABAL Online.

Riding on the sands of Desert Scream

If you also have a some favorite moments inside the game, you need to post your entry in the official thread that they have created on Steam Greenlight. Official “Favorite CABAL Online Moments” Thread

Don't also forget to vote YES to support the game for it to be available on Steam.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CABAL Rising Force Extreme Update

It is here! The update that we are all been waiting for CABAL Online, they have provided the release date which is on August 1, 2013, I think that will be the focus of their maintenance on that date. They also include a review of some the new features that will be implemented. You can check out the review here: CABAL Rising Force Extreme Review.

The review is about an in-depth explanation on how does the Extreme Upgrade System works, they provided an example or scenario on what will happen to your gears if ever it will be a success or fail. Also, they have showed the different new transcender skills of each class. Warrior has the coolest new skill if you ask me. New synergy when a character is on Battle Mode 3 (BM3). They have also showed the Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) which is a new dungeon where players level 155 and above can do runs for a chance to get the updated ring which is the Awakened Tyrant's Ring.

                                                    Force Blader's New Transcender Skill - Quake Cataclysm

Now that they have officially announced it, we will just need to wait the new update for CABAL Online. I will provide more articles once the update was already been implemented.

Please leave a comment on your opinions about the said update.

Monday, July 22, 2013

CABAL Online candidate on Steam Greenlight

I just recently saw this news on their Facebook fan page. I have been away for quite some time now that's why I think it's a bit late but nevertheless I am glad to read this kind of news about CABAL. Because if ever they will  get a chance to be available on Steam it will open other opportunities for the game  to be well known since we know that there are a lot of player base that are using Steam as their gaming platform. Meaning there will be new players joining the game which will result into new alliances and rivalries which will give the game more action and excitement.

Well that is the reason I have voted "YES" for CABAL Online to be on Steam. No questions ask since I have been playing the game for quite some time now creating guides, tips and providing information for the convenience of others. 

Also, there's another news that I saw on their fan page. It's the update that we all been waiting for, I can feel that the implementation of the CABAL Rising Force: Extreme is close because they have already changed their cover photo.

So, there's so many future plans about CABAL and we all just need to wait and support the game.

Remember, vote "YES" for CABAL Online here: CABAL on Steam Green Light. And let's wait for the official announcement of the upcoming update.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

[CABAL] Mercenaries

Hello fellow gamers, it's been a while since I have wrote something here. So, for my comeback article. I would like to share to you especially those who are new to the game on how to use or summon a Mercenary during dungeon runs.

Mercenary is an in-game feature of CABAL online where you can summon a companion to help you through a dungeon on a given time. There are different types of mercenaries to summon but I will discuss more on that in the future. Right now, I would just want to let our new players know how does this system works.

First up, there's a certain quest regarding this one where you will  receive (6) six mercenaries for free but I still need to check on the name of the quest. But let me walk you through below.

On the image below, you will see in my inventory that I have a "Pertz von Zatellerean (Normal) Mercenary", You can purchase this on players or on the Auction House. Right click the item to register it in your Mercenary list.

Upon right clicking the item a window will appear stating that the item will not be restored once used. Click "Yes" to continue.

Now, press the letter "Y" to open your Mercenary window and you will see that my "Pertz von Zatellerean Mercenary" was registered on the "Dazzlement" tab. Each mercenary has a level too. What I have is a Normal one but there's also Rare, Epic and Unique.

In summoning a mercenary, you need an item that can be bought from a Grocer NPC. This is the "Gem of Summon" it has four types too. Normal, Epic, Rare and Unique for summoning a specific mercenary. Since, what I have is a normal one, so I bought a Gem of Summon (Normal). To summon a mercenary:

a.) You need to be inside a dungeon
b.) Place the Mercenary Icon that you like to summon on the quickslot bar.
c.) Summon your mercenary by pressing the corresponding number where you put the icon.
d.) Your mercenary has a duration and  you cannot remove it once summon except if you exit the dungeon.

Here's my Pertz von Zatellerean

My mercenary in action!

And that's how you summon your Mercenary, they can help you during dungeon runs if by any chance you didn't found any party members. 'Till next time eveyone!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

[CABAL] New Transcender Skills

CABAL NA-Global has been spoiling some information regarding the contents of the new update that will be implemented inside the game. I believe this update is the continuation of the Episode IX: Rising Force and what got me interested is the content that will be discussing right now. New transcender skills at level 105, I saw some video clips from another source. However, the names are different but the effect might be the same since the source came from the CABAL KR version. Well, below are the names of new skills and some descriptions.

Here's the video clips that I have found but they're only for the Attack skills:

Skill for Warrior, Force Shielder and Force Blader:

Skill for Force Archer and Wizard:

Skill for Blader:

My thoughts:

Having these skills will give players a new way to enhance or change the skill chains that they use and since these skills are at level 105, most of the players can try it out once the update was implemented. And for new players reaching level 105 is not that hard. All they have to do is to party, finish quests and do some dungeon runs.

Now, what I'm currently thinking is that if ever there will be skills above the Transcender category what would it be called? Godly? or Epic? You, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[CABAL] Agris's Armor Box - New Item Soon

I just saw an item posted on CABAL's Facebook page. The item was named Agris's Armor Box. It's defined as a random box that drops Drei Frame Armor and Drei Epaulet. Yes, you read that right this box will give any player that gets a hold on this a chance to receive a Level 145 armors or epaulet every time they open it. Here's a more detailed info on the item:

Agris's Armor Box

How to obtain? – Purchase from Agris Port Lux with 2,000,000 Alz and 30 Drei Frame’s Core.

How to use? – One (1) Peticia’s Golden Key needed to open the box.

Type? – Tradable.

Result Item?
-  Three (3) types of Drei Frame Armor or Epaulet for each class.
-  Tradable item drops at low rate.
-  There is a chance that higher epic items can be obtained from the box than normal dungeon drops.

I’m glad that they thought something like this, where any player can have an access to the box. This will be an alternative way in obtaining the needed armor that they want especially that the required level for this armor is bit high and getting decent option in this kind of level has a somewhat slim chance. Good thing this box will be implemented soon.

You can share your thoughts, opinions and reactions by providing a comment below.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[CABAL] Blader Skill Table (Sub & Passive Skills)

Here is the continuation of the Blader skills. Right now, I will be providing the Sub and Passive skills of a Blader.

Passive Skills

1. Apprentice

2. Regular

3. Expert 

4. A. Expert

5. Master 

Sub Skills

1. A. Master

2. Completer

3. Transcender

And there you have it, all the skills of a Blader class that were bought and upgraded into level 1 up to level 20. I hope this information will help those who are currently using the said character. If you any questions, just feel free to leave a comment.