Sunday, September 15, 2013

Server Boost after Greenlit

I read that CABAL Online announced that they're going to start a month-long AXP, Skill EXP, and Pet EXP once they receive the greenlit on Steam Greenlight. All of us will benefit on this success since we're the ones that made this possible by giving our YES votes to the game to be available on Steam.

That is why we need to make it happen, we can spread the word and tell our friends that have atleast one game on their Steam account to vote yes for CABAL Online. Are you not excited for the month-long bonuses? That will be (well hopefully) twice as much experience points that we can receive. Increasing the level of our character and pets will be a breeze when this happens.

So, let's all vote Yes for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight.

Here are the current in-game events:

Weekend of Bonuses and Turtle Takeover Event!

Source: Support CABAL Online On Steam Greenlight: Server Boosts Announced!

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