Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cabal Online Steam Greenlight Platinum Push Pack Giveaway

Good day everyone! I bought some great news about CABAL Online. I just read that they are currently giving away free 15-day Platinum Service for the honor of their Steam Greenlight campaign. They're currently giving away 2,000 keys for the free platinum service. If you want to get one check out the links below.


I just want to remind you that you need to have an account on the following sites in order to get the said reward. Also, if you haven't voted YES for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight, do it now! Keep the support coming guys. If ever you want to know what does the platinum service do, here:

- Increased Experience Gain
- Premium Channel Access
- Expanded Inventory and Warehouse Tabs
- Miscellaneous Perks

You're going to enjoy the features above for 15 days! So, for those who are new this is the best way to start and explore the world of CABAL Online.

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