Sunday, March 24, 2013

[CABAL Dungeon] Ruina Station Guide

Last time I have given you guys a glimpse on how does a CABAL dungeon looks like in action. Now, I will be providing a guide on the second dungeon that you may enter when you reach level 45. This is the Weakened Ruina Station or at level 75 Ruina Station. The dungeon is somewhat similar with the Lake in Dusk though this has a smaller map thus the objective is to defeat the boss monster to continue to the next one. No riddles yet just pure muscles!

There are also Quest Capsules that are available for this dungeon. You may want to get these first before entering but you can still use a capsule even inside.

I will now start my guide, guess I have already informed you that much about the things that you need to do.

Ruina Station

Time allocated: 30 minutes

Entry Requirement: 
Weakened Ruina Station (Level 45 - 60): Copy of Muster Card
Ruina Station (Level 75 or above): Muster Card

Boss Monsters: Invader Mecha Ape T-2, Invader Mecha Ape T-B, Invader Excavator-R2, Invader Mecha Bear, Invader Mecha SpiderR, INVADER MECHA SPIDER

1. Move forward and kill the first boss, INVADER MECHA APE T-2.

2. After killing the first boss, the gate towards the next boss will open. Proceed to the direction in the map and kill INVADER MECHA APE T-B.

3. Another gate will open after killing boss INVADER MECHA APE T-B. The next boss (INVADER MECHA EXCAVATOR R-2) is quite strong you may need Battle mode or Battle aura.

4. You can now proceed to the next boss (INVADER MECHA BEAR), but you will need to kill first INVADER MECHBUFFALO +. Do not hit those little stones because it will summon more INVADER MECHBUFFALO. After killing INVADER MECHBUFFALO, gates will close and if you are not inside the area, there’s a portal near the gates.

5. After killing INVADER MECHBUFFALO+, INVADER MECHA BEAR will appear.

6. Now that you kill INVADER MECHA BEAR, the gate for the final area will open. Destroy the CONTROLLER YS in order for INVADER MECHA SPIDER R to appear (Note: This spider will re-spawn three times). After killing the first INVADER MECHA SPIDER R, Auto – Cannons (Boss minions) will appear, you may kill them while waiting for the second INVADER MECHA SPIDER R to re-spawn.

7. After killing the second INVADER MECHA SPIDER R, Electric Birds will appear these mobs are hard to defeat. In order to kill them, you need to destroy the CONTROLLER CY located in the map below. For me, base on experience the CONTROLLER CY are tough to beat too when doing solo. So, unless you’re having problems you may want to disregard in destroying those and just wait for the final appearance of the INVADER MECHA SPIDER to finish the dungeon.

8. Finally, INVADER MECHA SPIDER will appear, kill it and destroy the chest then you are now through with RUINA STATION MISSION DUNGEON.

I will also provide a video demonstrating my run on this dungeon (Note: I have skipped the part where I was battling the boss monsters, the purpose of the video is to show you the right way on how to finish the dungeon). Hope that this guide will help you progress inside the game.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[CABAL Dungeon] Lake in Dusk Guide

CABAL online has a dungeon system where it was built to give an alternative way for players to gain experience and farm loots. Dungeon gives better loots and experiences compared to simple grinding. Each dungeon has its own unique design. Some have puzzles that need to be solved  before continuing your journey into the depths of these dungeons. 

What I have for you right now is a guide for the first dungeon that you may enter when you hit level 35. This is called the "Lake in Dusk" but at level 35 it is called "Weakened Lake in Dusk". This is also included in your daily quest where you may receive a free dungeon pass as a quest from "NPC Schuteberk" in Green Despair once a day while your level is still between 35 - 50. In this dungeon, your goal is to defeat the boss monsters lurking inside to open the gates to your next destination until you reach the final boss which is "ZIDGRIS FAELLO"

In addition, there are Quest Capsules available for this dungeon. You may want to use it whenever you enter. Here's the list and the quests that you need to fulfill and its rewards.

These capsules are very useful in filling up those needed experience points to gain a level. Without further adieu I give you:
Lake in Dusk

Time allocated: 60 minutes

Entry Requirement: 
Weakened Lake in Dusk (Level 35 - 50): Copy of Map Part
Lake in Dusk (Level 65 or above): Map Part

Boss Monsters: Radark, Jidarsch, Pogarr, Ballu, Pirouro, Hauk, Lehifee, Ergdusu, Etuor, Caschnarr, Rik, Haschnarc, Grischnarc and ZIGDRIS FAELLO

Mini Boss Monsters: Wurk and Fashik

1. Once you enter the dungeon a way to the right will direct you to Mini Boss WURK which is not that important in advancing the dungeon.

2. Now, proceed to the left and kill RADARK, the first boss you’ll encounter. 

3. After killing RADARK, move forward, then advance to the left, and kill the second boss JIDARSCH.

4. You can now proceed to the swamp and destroy one of the five RUIN OF DUSK. Destroy the one that was indicated in the map to open the gate for the next boss.

5. After destroying the RUIN OF DUSK, you can now proceed and kill the next boss POGARR, but you can kill mini boss FASHIK located in the map. Again, this mini boss is not that important in advancing the dungeon.

6. To your right, you can now kill POGARR the boss of the Gray Orcs.

7. After killing boss POGARR, the gate to the next swamp will open where boss BALLU is located.

8. After killing boss BALLU, the gate to the next forest will open where PIROURO the boss of the barkers is located.

9. Now proceed to the direction in the map and kill boss HAUK.

10. The next boss, LEHIFEE, locating this boss is a tricky one, you will need to search in the trees where it is located because it keeps on hiding and it’s fast.

11. Once the gate is open, precede with ERGDUSU the boss of the trolls in the swamp.

12. After killing ERGDUDU, another gate will open and you will need to kill three harpy bosses; first is ETOUR.

13. Next is CASCHNARR.

14. And then the last harpy RIK.

15. Now you will have to go back a little and proceed to the opened gate to kill the two ogre bosses, HASCNARC and RISCHNARC.

16. After kill the two ogres, the gate to the warp portal will open. Enter the portal and kill two MINOTAUR located in the map.

17. After killing two MINOTAUR, the gate to ZIDGRIS FAELLO will open. Now proceed to the kill the last boss monster to exit the dungeon.

Also for everyone's convenience, I have created a video demonstrating my run on this dungeon and also to give a better info on the route since we can't use GPS inside.

Monday, March 18, 2013

[Intro] CABAL Blader + Skills

Bladers are dual sword wielders that are focused on maximizing physical abilities and use destructive skills that will kill an opponent instantly in the blink of an eye! Their build is focused on either Strength, to do more damage and gain more HP, or Dexterity to improve Attack, Attack Rate, Defense Rate and Evasion. Basically, Bladers depend mostly on their attack power and agility which are very effective in Player versus Player (PvP) or Player versus Environment (PvE).
Player vs. Environment (PvE)
Bladers are excellent for Player vs. Environment (PvE). They have very little defensive ability but is equally compensated by a higher evasion rate as their main defense. One of the amazing things in this class is that they have lots of skills that damage multiple targets. This makes them more invulnerable in Dungeons and other solo quests. Other than that, this class has lots of Knockdown/Knock-back skills that will interfere with some attacks from monsters. This is basically the best solo class in the game.

Player vs. Player (PvP)
There are lots of misleading ideas regarding Bladers when it comes to Player versus Player (PvP). Yes, Bladers have weak defensive abilities that give them the disadvantage of absorbing physical damage that gets through. But the key to winning a fight against another player with a Blader is to close in and kill him as quickly as possible. And since you have high Defense Rate and Evasion, you are somewhat untouchable during a fight. You also have Dash and Fade Skills that will help you avoid skill combos of other players. In skilled PvP, defense rate is better than defense, because it prevents knockdowns and other negative statuses, as well as damage, while defense only reduces raw damage. Iron Skin and Aura Barrier are now Passive Buffs. These buffs which became passive have now made the class almost like a tank with a considerably higher HP and defense all throughout your gameplay.

As for everyone's benefit, I have made a video on the skills of Blader starting from Novice - Master skills. Also, I have provided some combo samples that I currently use: 

Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Issues after the release of Episode IX: Rising Force

When CABAL NA launched their new episode which was "Episode IX: Rising Force" last week. I had to monitor first the feedback of my fellow Nevareth warriors. After a week of lurking on the forums and in-game. I found the top three issues that most of them are talking about:

"Z" target

Before the purpose of the "Z" button was to target the visible monsters around your character. Now, that it was removed. Most players were complaining about it since they were already used to pressing this button when doing dungeon runs and during wars.

In my opinion, I'm guessing either ESTSoft wants to target players who were using illegal third party programs who's abusing the use of this button. OR they want to remove it since they believe that this button has less use among others. But there are more possible reasons and these two are the only options that I can think of right now.

Wizards has Low Defense

Before the release of the latest episode. I was hearing rumors that the Wizard class was considered to be over-powered. In my experience this class can cast their skills immediately due to it has low cool time and those skills mostly have stun or knockdown effect but I have little info on their defense. But now in the new episode there were changes in the stat applier where it is said that Defense will be something like "Reduces DMG by a percent of Defense proportionate to Character level." I think this was the reason that affected the defense of the Wizard class. 

My opinion on this one is that in any game. Wizard class are always set to have low defense due to they excel more in bombarding their foes using huge spells. I think all of you will agree right? All class have their own pros and cons. In my opinion the goal of the new episode is to give the game a more balance gameplay, we just need to get use to it as we did before.

Skill's Cool Time Changes

As I have written couple of days ago that there had been changes in the skill's cool down that it doesn't change when you increase a skill's level. Not like before that we can increase the level of our skills to 9 if we want to reach lowest cool time of a skill we want to use.

For me, I wanted the old skill cool down system to return but what my friends have been telling me that this changes was made to let others such as me to use the other available skills that we have. I can see their point on their opinions that we must experiment on the skills that we have especially to those players who loves to use the combo skill, to make it longer but not using the same skills over and over.

Well there you have it, I hope you have found some useful info about the latest episode of CABAL. If you want to discuss anything. Please comment below. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[CABAL] Skill Cooldown gets a Revamp

           The combo system, which is what CABAL is famous for, gets revamp when they launched Episode IX: Rising Force because the skills’ cooldown times have been set to fixed values. This is not good for veteran players who are already familiar with the old system and already got their rhythm in doing combos with their characters. Unfortunately, the skills’ cooldown from 1.0 second to 3.0 or 6.0 seconds up is a hassle for players when executing combos. The combos are sometimes either canceled or cut in the middle of using skills due to the cooldown times. Players were requesting for the old skill cool down system to return because it is believed that it was better than the new one. Skill cooldown is very important to players like me who are dependent on strong skills which have short casting times, short cooldown times and high damage that we can obtain as our level increases. Because of the revamp, the effectiveness of the combos will be minimal. Players like me are very comfortable with the old combo system where the skill cooldown depended on the level of the skill.

             As for me, I would suggest to return the previous cooldown system of the skills for all the classes. On the other hand, I can also understand that they want to change the way players use the combo system by experimenting with new ones and giving other skills a chance to be used when activating a combo. This will give more unique outcomes when using the skills and lessen the repetition of the skills that are being used.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

[EP9] Bug Fixes

With the readily available patch notes for CABAL's Episode IX: Rising Force found on the website, there were a lot of stirring and grumbling from the players. Due to the changes done with regards to the “Z” key targeting function, majority of the players had mixed emotions. One even stated in the official Cabal forums that this will be the downfall of noob freestyle players and the rise of skilled freestyle players.

Based on the description, the Z targeting is only deleted for monsters or mobs and will not affect enemy players during Mission War. We should still be able to target them.

Also, I'm glad that the bug that doesn't allow users to open up System Menu with ESC has been fixed. It happened to me so many times before that I needed to re-log again just to fix it.

Now that maintenance is over – are you updating your client as we speak? See you in-game!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[EP9] Miscellaneous Items

Today, I will discuss the miscellaneous items that will be added when CABAL NA-Global releases its new episode which is "Episode IX: Rising Force".

Remote Request

          - This is the one that I've been waiting for. Honestly, when I first got to learn how to craft items, and by any chance I need to craft, I need to go to Port Lux to talk to NPC Chloe, is time consuming and may require me to stop hunting items or doing quests. But with this baby out, it's like Chloe is just a text away.

Upper Level Odd Circle

          - I am not really a PvP person but I know this one will be appreciated by those players who have the blood of a warrior. They can continue to battle their hearts out during wars or just plain PvP since the BM and other buff skills won't be removed when a player resurrects during PvP. So, they don't need to re-cast.

Guiding Compass

          - Honestly, I haven't been into Jail since, as I’ve said, I'm not a PvP person and not into Player Kills. But I read that if you commit 5 consecutive PKs you will be brought to Jail which is a labyrinth type of map and you need to find the exit to escape from it. So, this item will be useful to those who needs anger management when playing the game. (lol)

Nation Megaphone

          - Nothing to elaborate on this one. It’s an item that if you want to say hello to all of the players online which is on your Nation. You can use this item to communicate with them. Maybe it’s the perfect item during Nation War.

Extract Potion (Lv. 3, Lv. 4)

          - An Item that can adjust your stat points which can be obtained on higher level dungeons and not on the item shop?! Woah! Did I just read that right? Well, I still don't know how this thing works but if it will be an item that is similar to stat reset, why not? I know that it will be expensive but may it will be expensive once we already know how to use it.

Well, there you have it 'til next time! I will provide more of my insights regarding the contents of Episode IX.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[EP9] Added Achievements

I will continue on giving my opinion regarding the contents of the upcoming episode of CABAL NA which is called "Episode IX: Rising Force". First thing that came to mind was that this one's GREAT!  You can get Honor points from different categories of the game. Points can be obtained through Quests, Dungeons, items (equip, break, obtain, and using items), PVP (win, lose, after killing a certain class in PVP), war (after killing a certain class in war), Hunting (after killing monsters with certain conditions) or just your normal activities like obtaining Attack Power, earning Billions of Alz, spending a certain amount in the store, receive buffs, etc.

Honor points can be used in many ways such as achieving better titles, crafting, and equipping higher level accessories. With this additional achievement, we can earn Honor points in many ways while enjoying the game. Cool!!! You cannot only get points but also titles like after breaking a Board or a Bike for 5 consecutive times you get a title of “Full of Curiosity”.

Certain titles obtained from honor points if you have the required amount of honor points will grant you different bonus stats like Resist Damage Socratics, Resist Rate critic, Resistance to Immobility, Resist Stun, Resist Fall, etc., depending on the character’s Honor Rank.

Other achievements include “Gazillionaire” which can be obtained after acquiring 10 million Alz in your warehouse, rewarding you the title “Richy Rich Billionaire”. This allows players to boast their wealth in CABAL. Players who would be envious of the title will be encouraged to try earning it too. Some achievements that caught my attention are the Slayer/Killer titles where you will kill certain classes during Wars and PVPs, making you one that a certain class will be afraid of!! Isn't that nice?

Monday, March 4, 2013

[EP9] New System - Combined Level Achievements

The description regarding these new achievements states that all of your characters in a particular server can achieve a certain title when the levels of all the characters are added together are combined. When the required condition is met, the achievement will be granted upon logging in. For example, on Saturn server you have a total of four characters which are level 100 each. The sum of their levels combined is equal to 400. As seen on the chart above, it shows what title reward and what title option you can achieve for gaining a combined sum of 400.

Each Title you achieve can be used by all of your characters in a particular server, including a newly created one. According to other players combined levels amounting to 200 must also have a title option. I suggest for the title to have HP +25, 1% bonus EXP, 1% bonus pet EXP, 1% bonus Skill EXP, and 1% bonus Party EXP.

Practically speaking, if you want to create a new character and you wish to do grinding you can use any of those titles. As seen in the chart, for a combined total of 1200, you must have an average of six characters with level 200 each which means that it will take long time to achieve. I suggest adding “+5” to all stats because I think this title (ABOVE ALL) is almost impossible to achieve. In the first place, you can only create 6 characters and the level cap is 190 (6 x 190= 1140), maybe this will be supported if they would increase the level cap to 200 (6 x 200= 200).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mission Battle Review

I have received news that ESTSoft will be releasing a review of the new Mission Battle few days ago. Since, what all they have spoiled were images of it. So, I'm just curious on what it will be like playing it live. Then, I saw that they have already uploaded a video of it with the help of two GMs explaining how does the new feature works.

After watching the video I checked the comments of the players and got the idea just to compile them, some of them gave some meaningful comments.

"This would be great if they will add minions on the option like on moba games or if ice guardian/ ice lord defeated there will be minion’s, and I suggest to add a guardian on each base or make it optional."

" I think the concept is a great idea. The only drawback is that it can only be experienced by high level players. Maybe it would also be great if there were 'practice' mission battles which are assigned to a certain range of character levels (e.g Level 20-40) "

"This one is great, it would be better if they add kill multiplier. By killing 2-3 players consecutively you can have additional points except for the 100 points earned from killing other teams' player. And for those players who earned the most killed players will have more points in their head."

"i found the new update cool and interesting, the graphics and the new characters weapons and items was cool. And base with the idea i got. Many players will love this new update especially like me who is fan of PVP."

"Is the starting 50 points for the whole team or is it available for each player?
I think it would be cool if players can acquire not only the buffs from the ice guardians but also unique skills or special items with increased stats for a certain period."

"this mission battle looks cool enough to wow me. I like team battle matches, killing and doing a strategic plan to conquer the opponents side with my friends. It's a pleasure for us PvP fans to experience it real soon XD also from what i've watched from the video the map looks a bit small because i saw only the 2 players saw each other for a couple of steps only. The map should be a lot bigger for me and my friends so that we can escape immediately or buy time to sustain a big points on the match."

Base on their comments, I think they're comparing the new feature into some MOBA games out there but I think this new feature is a MW/DUNGEON/PVP in 1.