Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[EP9] Miscellaneous Items

Today, I will discuss the miscellaneous items that will be added when CABAL NA-Global releases its new episode which is "Episode IX: Rising Force".

Remote Request

          - This is the one that I've been waiting for. Honestly, when I first got to learn how to craft items, and by any chance I need to craft, I need to go to Port Lux to talk to NPC Chloe, is time consuming and may require me to stop hunting items or doing quests. But with this baby out, it's like Chloe is just a text away.

Upper Level Odd Circle

          - I am not really a PvP person but I know this one will be appreciated by those players who have the blood of a warrior. They can continue to battle their hearts out during wars or just plain PvP since the BM and other buff skills won't be removed when a player resurrects during PvP. So, they don't need to re-cast.

Guiding Compass

          - Honestly, I haven't been into Jail since, as I’ve said, I'm not a PvP person and not into Player Kills. But I read that if you commit 5 consecutive PKs you will be brought to Jail which is a labyrinth type of map and you need to find the exit to escape from it. So, this item will be useful to those who needs anger management when playing the game. (lol)

Nation Megaphone

          - Nothing to elaborate on this one. It’s an item that if you want to say hello to all of the players online which is on your Nation. You can use this item to communicate with them. Maybe it’s the perfect item during Nation War.

Extract Potion (Lv. 3, Lv. 4)

          - An Item that can adjust your stat points which can be obtained on higher level dungeons and not on the item shop?! Woah! Did I just read that right? Well, I still don't know how this thing works but if it will be an item that is similar to stat reset, why not? I know that it will be expensive but may it will be expensive once we already know how to use it.

Well, there you have it 'til next time! I will provide more of my insights regarding the contents of Episode IX.

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