Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[CABAL] Skill Cooldown gets a Revamp

           The combo system, which is what CABAL is famous for, gets revamp when they launched Episode IX: Rising Force because the skills’ cooldown times have been set to fixed values. This is not good for veteran players who are already familiar with the old system and already got their rhythm in doing combos with their characters. Unfortunately, the skills’ cooldown from 1.0 second to 3.0 or 6.0 seconds up is a hassle for players when executing combos. The combos are sometimes either canceled or cut in the middle of using skills due to the cooldown times. Players were requesting for the old skill cool down system to return because it is believed that it was better than the new one. Skill cooldown is very important to players like me who are dependent on strong skills which have short casting times, short cooldown times and high damage that we can obtain as our level increases. Because of the revamp, the effectiveness of the combos will be minimal. Players like me are very comfortable with the old combo system where the skill cooldown depended on the level of the skill.

             As for me, I would suggest to return the previous cooldown system of the skills for all the classes. On the other hand, I can also understand that they want to change the way players use the combo system by experimenting with new ones and giving other skills a chance to be used when activating a combo. This will give more unique outcomes when using the skills and lessen the repetition of the skills that are being used.

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