Thursday, March 7, 2013

[EP9] Bug Fixes

With the readily available patch notes for CABAL's Episode IX: Rising Force found on the website, there were a lot of stirring and grumbling from the players. Due to the changes done with regards to the “Z” key targeting function, majority of the players had mixed emotions. One even stated in the official Cabal forums that this will be the downfall of noob freestyle players and the rise of skilled freestyle players.

Based on the description, the Z targeting is only deleted for monsters or mobs and will not affect enemy players during Mission War. We should still be able to target them.

Also, I'm glad that the bug that doesn't allow users to open up System Menu with ESC has been fixed. It happened to me so many times before that I needed to re-log again just to fix it.

Now that maintenance is over – are you updating your client as we speak? See you in-game!

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