Monday, March 4, 2013

[EP9] New System - Combined Level Achievements

The description regarding these new achievements states that all of your characters in a particular server can achieve a certain title when the levels of all the characters are added together are combined. When the required condition is met, the achievement will be granted upon logging in. For example, on Saturn server you have a total of four characters which are level 100 each. The sum of their levels combined is equal to 400. As seen on the chart above, it shows what title reward and what title option you can achieve for gaining a combined sum of 400.

Each Title you achieve can be used by all of your characters in a particular server, including a newly created one. According to other players combined levels amounting to 200 must also have a title option. I suggest for the title to have HP +25, 1% bonus EXP, 1% bonus pet EXP, 1% bonus Skill EXP, and 1% bonus Party EXP.

Practically speaking, if you want to create a new character and you wish to do grinding you can use any of those titles. As seen in the chart, for a combined total of 1200, you must have an average of six characters with level 200 each which means that it will take long time to achieve. I suggest adding “+5” to all stats because I think this title (ABOVE ALL) is almost impossible to achieve. In the first place, you can only create 6 characters and the level cap is 190 (6 x 190= 1140), maybe this will be supported if they would increase the level cap to 200 (6 x 200= 200).

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