Friday, March 1, 2013

Mission Battle Review

I have received news that ESTSoft will be releasing a review of the new Mission Battle few days ago. Since, what all they have spoiled were images of it. So, I'm just curious on what it will be like playing it live. Then, I saw that they have already uploaded a video of it with the help of two GMs explaining how does the new feature works.

After watching the video I checked the comments of the players and got the idea just to compile them, some of them gave some meaningful comments.

"This would be great if they will add minions on the option like on moba games or if ice guardian/ ice lord defeated there will be minion’s, and I suggest to add a guardian on each base or make it optional."

" I think the concept is a great idea. The only drawback is that it can only be experienced by high level players. Maybe it would also be great if there were 'practice' mission battles which are assigned to a certain range of character levels (e.g Level 20-40) "

"This one is great, it would be better if they add kill multiplier. By killing 2-3 players consecutively you can have additional points except for the 100 points earned from killing other teams' player. And for those players who earned the most killed players will have more points in their head."

"i found the new update cool and interesting, the graphics and the new characters weapons and items was cool. And base with the idea i got. Many players will love this new update especially like me who is fan of PVP."

"Is the starting 50 points for the whole team or is it available for each player?
I think it would be cool if players can acquire not only the buffs from the ice guardians but also unique skills or special items with increased stats for a certain period."

"this mission battle looks cool enough to wow me. I like team battle matches, killing and doing a strategic plan to conquer the opponents side with my friends. It's a pleasure for us PvP fans to experience it real soon XD also from what i've watched from the video the map looks a bit small because i saw only the 2 players saw each other for a couple of steps only. The map should be a lot bigger for me and my friends so that we can escape immediately or buy time to sustain a big points on the match."

Base on their comments, I think they're comparing the new feature into some MOBA games out there but I think this new feature is a MW/DUNGEON/PVP in 1.

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