Thursday, March 21, 2013

[CABAL Dungeon] Lake in Dusk Guide

CABAL online has a dungeon system where it was built to give an alternative way for players to gain experience and farm loots. Dungeon gives better loots and experiences compared to simple grinding. Each dungeon has its own unique design. Some have puzzles that need to be solved  before continuing your journey into the depths of these dungeons. 

What I have for you right now is a guide for the first dungeon that you may enter when you hit level 35. This is called the "Lake in Dusk" but at level 35 it is called "Weakened Lake in Dusk". This is also included in your daily quest where you may receive a free dungeon pass as a quest from "NPC Schuteberk" in Green Despair once a day while your level is still between 35 - 50. In this dungeon, your goal is to defeat the boss monsters lurking inside to open the gates to your next destination until you reach the final boss which is "ZIDGRIS FAELLO"

In addition, there are Quest Capsules available for this dungeon. You may want to use it whenever you enter. Here's the list and the quests that you need to fulfill and its rewards.

These capsules are very useful in filling up those needed experience points to gain a level. Without further adieu I give you:
Lake in Dusk

Time allocated: 60 minutes

Entry Requirement: 
Weakened Lake in Dusk (Level 35 - 50): Copy of Map Part
Lake in Dusk (Level 65 or above): Map Part

Boss Monsters: Radark, Jidarsch, Pogarr, Ballu, Pirouro, Hauk, Lehifee, Ergdusu, Etuor, Caschnarr, Rik, Haschnarc, Grischnarc and ZIGDRIS FAELLO

Mini Boss Monsters: Wurk and Fashik

1. Once you enter the dungeon a way to the right will direct you to Mini Boss WURK which is not that important in advancing the dungeon.

2. Now, proceed to the left and kill RADARK, the first boss you’ll encounter. 

3. After killing RADARK, move forward, then advance to the left, and kill the second boss JIDARSCH.

4. You can now proceed to the swamp and destroy one of the five RUIN OF DUSK. Destroy the one that was indicated in the map to open the gate for the next boss.

5. After destroying the RUIN OF DUSK, you can now proceed and kill the next boss POGARR, but you can kill mini boss FASHIK located in the map. Again, this mini boss is not that important in advancing the dungeon.

6. To your right, you can now kill POGARR the boss of the Gray Orcs.

7. After killing boss POGARR, the gate to the next swamp will open where boss BALLU is located.

8. After killing boss BALLU, the gate to the next forest will open where PIROURO the boss of the barkers is located.

9. Now proceed to the direction in the map and kill boss HAUK.

10. The next boss, LEHIFEE, locating this boss is a tricky one, you will need to search in the trees where it is located because it keeps on hiding and it’s fast.

11. Once the gate is open, precede with ERGDUSU the boss of the trolls in the swamp.

12. After killing ERGDUDU, another gate will open and you will need to kill three harpy bosses; first is ETOUR.

13. Next is CASCHNARR.

14. And then the last harpy RIK.

15. Now you will have to go back a little and proceed to the opened gate to kill the two ogre bosses, HASCNARC and RISCHNARC.

16. After kill the two ogres, the gate to the warp portal will open. Enter the portal and kill two MINOTAUR located in the map.

17. After killing two MINOTAUR, the gate to ZIDGRIS FAELLO will open. Now proceed to the kill the last boss monster to exit the dungeon.

Also for everyone's convenience, I have created a video demonstrating my run on this dungeon and also to give a better info on the route since we can't use GPS inside.


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