Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[EP9] Added Achievements

I will continue on giving my opinion regarding the contents of the upcoming episode of CABAL NA which is called "Episode IX: Rising Force". First thing that came to mind was that this one's GREAT!  You can get Honor points from different categories of the game. Points can be obtained through Quests, Dungeons, items (equip, break, obtain, and using items), PVP (win, lose, after killing a certain class in PVP), war (after killing a certain class in war), Hunting (after killing monsters with certain conditions) or just your normal activities like obtaining Attack Power, earning Billions of Alz, spending a certain amount in the store, receive buffs, etc.

Honor points can be used in many ways such as achieving better titles, crafting, and equipping higher level accessories. With this additional achievement, we can earn Honor points in many ways while enjoying the game. Cool!!! You cannot only get points but also titles like after breaking a Board or a Bike for 5 consecutive times you get a title of “Full of Curiosity”.

Certain titles obtained from honor points if you have the required amount of honor points will grant you different bonus stats like Resist Damage Socratics, Resist Rate critic, Resistance to Immobility, Resist Stun, Resist Fall, etc., depending on the character’s Honor Rank.

Other achievements include “Gazillionaire” which can be obtained after acquiring 10 million Alz in your warehouse, rewarding you the title “Richy Rich Billionaire”. This allows players to boast their wealth in CABAL. Players who would be envious of the title will be encouraged to try earning it too. Some achievements that caught my attention are the Slayer/Killer titles where you will kill certain classes during Wars and PVPs, making you one that a certain class will be afraid of!! Isn't that nice?

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