Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Issues after the release of Episode IX: Rising Force

When CABAL NA launched their new episode which was "Episode IX: Rising Force" last week. I had to monitor first the feedback of my fellow Nevareth warriors. After a week of lurking on the forums and in-game. I found the top three issues that most of them are talking about:

"Z" target

Before the purpose of the "Z" button was to target the visible monsters around your character. Now, that it was removed. Most players were complaining about it since they were already used to pressing this button when doing dungeon runs and during wars.

In my opinion, I'm guessing either ESTSoft wants to target players who were using illegal third party programs who's abusing the use of this button. OR they want to remove it since they believe that this button has less use among others. But there are more possible reasons and these two are the only options that I can think of right now.

Wizards has Low Defense

Before the release of the latest episode. I was hearing rumors that the Wizard class was considered to be over-powered. In my experience this class can cast their skills immediately due to it has low cool time and those skills mostly have stun or knockdown effect but I have little info on their defense. But now in the new episode there were changes in the stat applier where it is said that Defense will be something like "Reduces DMG by a percent of Defense proportionate to Character level." I think this was the reason that affected the defense of the Wizard class. 

My opinion on this one is that in any game. Wizard class are always set to have low defense due to they excel more in bombarding their foes using huge spells. I think all of you will agree right? All class have their own pros and cons. In my opinion the goal of the new episode is to give the game a more balance gameplay, we just need to get use to it as we did before.

Skill's Cool Time Changes

As I have written couple of days ago that there had been changes in the skill's cool down that it doesn't change when you increase a skill's level. Not like before that we can increase the level of our skills to 9 if we want to reach lowest cool time of a skill we want to use.

For me, I wanted the old skill cool down system to return but what my friends have been telling me that this changes was made to let others such as me to use the other available skills that we have. I can see their point on their opinions that we must experiment on the skills that we have especially to those players who loves to use the combo skill, to make it longer but not using the same skills over and over.

Well there you have it, I hope you have found some useful info about the latest episode of CABAL. If you want to discuss anything. Please comment below. Thanks!

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