Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CABAL Online entered Top 10 on Steam Greenlight

Top 10 everyone! If you still haven't get this news, let me tell you then. CABAL Online has announced that they entered the top 10 on Steam Greenlight in their campaign to be available on Steam. Isn't this a great news to all of us CABAL players? They are very close in providing the game that we love into a gaming platform that we recommend to use. Support CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight™.

They also plan on giving a month-long server boost meaning they will activate an XP boost once they have been available on Steam. I think this is to celebrate or giving back to use, those who have given their support to make this happen. But the really catch here in my opinion, is the population increase that we can have once they receive greenlit. Imagine steam users will have a chance to try or comeback to the game which will give us more competition, allies or rivalries which will provide again the urge to go to war and defend our faction. While waiting for this to happen you might want to check out their in-game events.

Also, great news for my Brazilian friends. ESTsoft will handle the service of CABAL Brazil where Gamemaxx handle it before. There's no official announcement yet on when will this happen but in my opinion ESTsoft will provide better service on Brazilian CABAL players.

So, what are we waiting for? We need to keep the support coming on CABAL Online's campaign on Steam Greenlight. You can let your friends that have atleast one game on their steam account vote YES and also they might get hook into it when they tried it. In addition, if ever they want to try out the game they can get free platinum service here and here, to give them better gameplay when trying out the game.

If you want to discuss anything about CABAL Online, please leave a comment below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Server Boost after Greenlit

I read that CABAL Online announced that they're going to start a month-long AXP, Skill EXP, and Pet EXP once they receive the greenlit on Steam Greenlight. All of us will benefit on this success since we're the ones that made this possible by giving our YES votes to the game to be available on Steam.

That is why we need to make it happen, we can spread the word and tell our friends that have atleast one game on their Steam account to vote yes for CABAL Online. Are you not excited for the month-long bonuses? That will be (well hopefully) twice as much experience points that we can receive. Increasing the level of our character and pets will be a breeze when this happens.

So, let's all vote Yes for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight.

Here are the current in-game events:

Weekend of Bonuses and Turtle Takeover Event!

Source: Support CABAL Online On Steam Greenlight: Server Boosts Announced!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cabal Online Steam Greenlight Platinum Push Pack Giveaway

Good day everyone! I bought some great news about CABAL Online. I just read that they are currently giving away free 15-day Platinum Service for the honor of their Steam Greenlight campaign. They're currently giving away 2,000 keys for the free platinum service. If you want to get one check out the links below.


I just want to remind you that you need to have an account on the following sites in order to get the said reward. Also, if you haven't voted YES for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight, do it now! Keep the support coming guys. If ever you want to know what does the platinum service do, here:

- Increased Experience Gain
- Premium Channel Access
- Expanded Inventory and Warehouse Tabs
- Miscellaneous Perks

You're going to enjoy the features above for 15 days! So, for those who are new this is the best way to start and explore the world of CABAL Online.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CABAL Online enters Top 25

Got some good news from last week, I just read that CABAL Online had entered the Top 25 on Steam Greenlight. I may say their campaign is really working in gathering support for those that have steam accounts that are eligible to vote on greenlight. It really shows how others really want to see the game be available on Steam and as I continue browsing their page, I saw that the "Favorite CABAL Online Moment" event got extended, I don't know when will it end since there's no information or I can't locate it but hey there's no wrong in trying but I can still see others commenting there so its still live as of this moment.

And if ever you're wondering how or when will the game be available on Steam, I got this answer from one the GM. quoted:

"This varies, and several different factors are involved. There's no clear-cut requirement for being accepted, but various factors such as ranking, votes, community support, and general public opinion of the game all play key roles. Thanks to our supportive community, we're doing very well on the platform. Continuing the trend of positivity will be an important factor looking forward. Announcing the Top 25 status does mean this: We're close. We're very close, and depending upon the size of the next few batches Valve decides to Greenlight, we may be able to bring CABAL to the platform sooner rather than later. It simply can't be done without the aid of our incredible community.

We have more opportunities coming up for players looking to help us out, and we have more plans for giving back to the community as thanks for their vital support. I can't be too specific just yet, but updates are just around the corner.

Helping us achieve this goal will result in a positive outcome for everyone involved. Whether players choose to play CABAL through Steam or not, it will present the game to a very large demographic, increase the overall population, and enable us to expand upon new features and content we bring to the game. - [GM] Stormcrow"

So let us continue to spread the word and keep the supports coming for CABAL Online to be available on Steam. This is what some of us has been wanting for and it's finally near. Let's vote YES for CABAL.