Thursday, November 28, 2013

[CABAL] Understanding AXP and W.EXP

Good Day guys, as we all know or if you haven't notice right now, CABAL Online has an on-going event which is Thanksgiving bonus event where EXP, AXP and W.EXP will receive an addition +77% until December 1st of this year.

Now, what I'm about to inform you is what are AXP and W.EXP? I know some of you have read about this or heard about it and still doesn't have an idea on what does this feature do or how will these benefit your character.

Let me introduce you to W.EXP or War Experience first, this is obtain when you join Mission War or common known as MWAR. This EXP depends on your score after a war each score corresponds into a W.EXP. There are also factors that may increase the amount of W.EXP that you obtain by having premium account service, with the use of Blessing Beads or an event, which is currently happening right now.

How are you going to benefit from your W.EXP? You can exchange 100 W.EXP at a time from NPC Officer Morison at Port Lux. An exchange will give you EXP, Honor Points, and Skill EXP depending on your character's level, Honor class and Skill rank respectively.

Next is AXP, it is an ability EXP that can be gained just like EXP, AXPs is converted to AP, and these points can be used to learn passive skills. You can access this if you have reach level 120, this where you will use those Essence runes that you obtain from monsters or from players that sell them either on the Agent Shop or by just shouting. This passive skills can make your character even stronger but with this power you need to choose wisely from the available runes the offer different benefits that may help your character in progressing inside the game.

That's all the information I can provide right now, I hope in this article I have made you understand a little bit about these feature, that they can also help improve your character.

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