Monday, November 11, 2013

[CABAL Online] Planning to join MWAR? Read this...

Good day guys, I would like to provide some tips on what do  you need to do when you join CABAL Online's Mission War, especially for new players or for those that are waiting for the game to be available on Steam. If you haven't read the news, CABAL Online will be available on Steam soon since it has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight.

Quick instructions if you are a newbie to Mission War:


There are different tiers available on Mission War. CABAL Online designed this system to sort the player's level on different tiers in-order for others not to be overwhelmed by higher levels or to provide a more fair game play during the war. There is a fee if ever you want to join the Mission War:

Tier 1 ---- Level 52 ~ 79 ---- 50,000 alz
Tier 2 ---- Level 80 ~ 109 ---- 250,000 alz
Tier 3 ---- Level 110 ~ 139 ---- 500,000 alz
Tier 4 ---- Level 140 ~ 169 ---- 750,000 alz
Tier 5 ---- Level 170 ~ 190 ---- 1,000,00 0 alz


When you have been ported on the Mission War lobby you will notice that other players from your nation that are on the level bracket same as you are currently gathering on a room. You guys will need to wait for 10 minutes before the war starts. This is the time to look for party members and prepare yourself to the battle. Checking of potions, gears and buffs.

Partying will save you and will create a higher chance of winning the war. Find a group, the larger the better for you to defeat the Legacy Guardians and suppress your foes easily.


Heading out into the war without any recovery items is a No-No. You need to purchase the Health Kits being sold by NPC Grocer Kate. Vital Gears range from different amount of heal upon using it. Choose the appropriate one for you. Since, if you notice that your character's HP has changed and was increased dramatically, So using your normal potion will only give a small amount of HP.


- You need to kill Legacy Guardians and own the Tower-like figure its guarding you can also summon Legacy Guardians of your Nation to protect that tower for being captured. Press M to show the map and go to the closest Green (Neutral) or Red (Enemy) bases.

- You want to get 30 points before the time runs out:

  • Attacking Legacy Guardians is the best way to get points.
  • Attacking enemy players also gets you points.
  • You get points for taking damage.

- At the end of the game, if you have 30 points, you win WExp, Alz, and a Mission War Buff Capsule.

Well there you have, I hope I have given you some useful insights on what's happening inside the Mission War every time a pop-up window appears on your lower right screen, it's an invitation if ever you want to join the war.

Bonus Info: Whenever you defeated a Legacy Guardian, it drops a legendary or legacy chest. Destroy it and some useful consumables can be use to help you inside. Also, look for an item called Legacy Weapon. It's a cube pick it up and right click it. Your weapon(s) will be enhanced.

Does my guide helped? Let's discuss about it by commenting below. Thanks!

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