Monday, October 28, 2013

[CABAL Online] Achieve Easy Levels Starting at 75

Now that CABAL Online is currently having a server boost due to the fact that they got greenlit on Steam Greenlight and will eventually be available on Steam soon. This the best time for new players and returnees to increase their character's levels. And what could be an easy way to do it?

- Look for a spot that spawn a huge number of monsters.
- Skill all the way to obtain experience points.

I will be providing some leveling guide when you reach level 75. Achieving this level is not that hard just do all the quest from level 1 up to 74 and it will be a breeze.

Welcome to Fort Ruina! You can access this map when you reach level 65. However, you can access the Ruina Station dungeon when you're at level 75 (that's the dungeon we need to enter).

1. First thing you need is the dungeon pass item which is "Muster Card - Ruina Station", you can purchase this at the Auction House or get be obtain on some dungeons or monsters. If you already have a few of this items having extras will be more efficient as you will be re-entering the dungeon multiple times. (It's a bit pricey I know but I think you have earned enough alz from previous quests to deal with buying the said pass)

2. Once inside, you will only have 30 minutes inside the dungeon, the faster you can reach the designated area the longer you can obtain more experience points to level up. Now, head straight and don't forget to destroy some chests along the way.

3. Defeat Invader Mechape T-2, use combo skill for faster kills.

4. After that proceed to the open gate and make your way through the next boss monster.

5. Turn left and don't mind the monsters attacking you, just concentrate on the boss monsters first.

6. Defeat Invader Mechape T-B (2nd boss) this will open the gate on to the left side.

7. Now, I know time is on your side but it's your own choice here. On the right side there's a chest to obtain a loot so whether you want to get it or not it's your choice. If you want to get it, dash your way to the right then go back to the left path since that's the way you need to take for the 3rd boss monster.

8. Head straight and dash & blink non-stop until you reach the 3rd boss monster.

9. Then there's Invader Excavator - R2, defeat it to open the gate behind him.

10. Continue moving forward and ignore the monsters, you need to lessen the time that  you're wasting.

11. Head down the path, this is only a mix of left and right turns. You won't be lost here.

12. Check the Mirror Gate highlighted below, that gate will open once you get trap. Well, not really a real trap since the next room will be put on a lock down and if ever there's an instance that you will be defeated. The mirror gate will open and you need to enter the portal to be ported inside the locked room again.

13. Now, this is the fun part. Once you step inside the room it will be locked. The concept of this area is to defeat the Invader MechBuffalo+ indicated with the red box. See those statues indicated with the yellow boxes? If you destroy on of those a number of Invader MechBuffalo+ will appear, I think one or two. This will serve as a distraction in defeating the required MechBuffalo to summon the 4th boss monster.

BUT we do not need to defeat or we don't mind defeating it. What we want is to gather Invader MechBuffalo+ by destroying the statues. Gather as much as you want and whenever some of the monsters ignores you meaning you reached the number of monsters being aggressive on your character. Start swinging some AoE skills and watch your exp bar filling up fast.

14. You don't need to finish the dungeon, just keep on summoning Invader MechBuffalo+ by destroying the statues and skill all the way and fill your exp bar until the dungeon time expires. You can re-enter the dungeon as much as you like as long as you have the pass and gain some levels fast.

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  1. Hey, just started playing Cabal. Bladder class. Well, I just know how to leveling.
    Items, skill, what to upgrade all that I got no clue.
    Now currently at lvl 51. :)

  2. hi there , i just started ply tiz game . blader class .. now my blader cuttently at level 77 . my problm is , how to make my blader's skill become Aoe ? . need to up my STR ? , INT ? or DEX ?

    1. you must by skills which have Area 2 or more. Aoe doesn't affect by STR,INT,DEX.