Thursday, October 3, 2013

CABAL Online has been Greenlit!

Yes you read the title right! If ever you have voted YES for CABAL Online during their campaign on Steam Greenlight to be available on Steam, your support paid off because the game got a greenlit when Steam announced the October 2nd Batch of Greenlight Titles.

You guys may want to read the message of ESTsoft to us who supported the game from the start of their campaign until the end or for just giving your yes vote. They truly appreciate the effort that we gave them for the game to be successful and gather enough votes to be included on the said batch.

It has been 83 days since the start of the campaign and many updates or events that have been implemented to boost the support coming from new players, ex-CABAL players, those who got interested and especially to us who were loyal and still playing the game.

Now, it's time to give what all of us deserve before they announced that once they have given a go signal on Steam. They will activate a month-long server boost and the time has come for us to enjoy this reward. The previously mentioned Server Boost will be applied after next week’s maintenance, and will last for an entire month. They added that more details will be available next week and we certainly deserved it!

If ever you want to discuss anything about the game, please leave a comment below.

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