Thursday, June 20, 2013

[CABAL] New Transcender Skills

CABAL NA-Global has been spoiling some information regarding the contents of the new update that will be implemented inside the game. I believe this update is the continuation of the Episode IX: Rising Force and what got me interested is the content that will be discussing right now. New transcender skills at level 105, I saw some video clips from another source. However, the names are different but the effect might be the same since the source came from the CABAL KR version. Well, below are the names of new skills and some descriptions.

Here's the video clips that I have found but they're only for the Attack skills:

Skill for Warrior, Force Shielder and Force Blader:

Skill for Force Archer and Wizard:

Skill for Blader:

My thoughts:

Having these skills will give players a new way to enhance or change the skill chains that they use and since these skills are at level 105, most of the players can try it out once the update was implemented. And for new players reaching level 105 is not that hard. All they have to do is to party, finish quests and do some dungeon runs.

Now, what I'm currently thinking is that if ever there will be skills above the Transcender category what would it be called? Godly? or Epic? You, what do you think?

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