Monday, July 22, 2013

CABAL Online candidate on Steam Greenlight

I just recently saw this news on their Facebook fan page. I have been away for quite some time now that's why I think it's a bit late but nevertheless I am glad to read this kind of news about CABAL. Because if ever they will  get a chance to be available on Steam it will open other opportunities for the game  to be well known since we know that there are a lot of player base that are using Steam as their gaming platform. Meaning there will be new players joining the game which will result into new alliances and rivalries which will give the game more action and excitement.

Well that is the reason I have voted "YES" for CABAL Online to be on Steam. No questions ask since I have been playing the game for quite some time now creating guides, tips and providing information for the convenience of others. 

Also, there's another news that I saw on their fan page. It's the update that we all been waiting for, I can feel that the implementation of the CABAL Rising Force: Extreme is close because they have already changed their cover photo.

So, there's so many future plans about CABAL and we all just need to wait and support the game.

Remember, vote "YES" for CABAL Online here: CABAL on Steam Green Light. And let's wait for the official announcement of the upcoming update.

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