Friday, December 14, 2012

Game of the Week: Medal of Honor Warfighter

When I first started Warfighter I died and died and died. I just kept on dying! Then I realized something. This isn't like a normal first person shooter, it isn't a shooting simulation either. It's an uncanny mix between the two and you just have to change your mindset in regards to confrontations and the skirmishes to find your niche. If you're a twitchy player there's a place for you here. If you're a tactical player then you will succeed. Just be true to your aim, strong with your will and faithful in your partner and I promise you, you will have a blast. The game does a fantastic job of mixing all the styles for you because it's a cover shooter with so many options underneath its class based framework. If you're sick of the time tested shoot 'em up genre you should really pick up this game. Its emphasis on immersion and cover really make it stand out among the other copy pasted shooters out there. The game is sort of difficult and will no doubt cause major rage.

Warfighter's got a number of glitches and things that make it a chore to navigate but remember importance is gameplay. After all, we tend to ignore glitches when the game is fun right? *cough cough*

I mean some multiplayer games didn't even work in the first few weeks of release. *more coughing*

Warfighter's also not totally accessible and it takes some time getting used to but once you get the knack of sliding from cover to cover, dealing damage and controlling the way you fire, you and your buddy will be on top of the charts, all day EVERYDAY. I'm gonna be straight with you, this review is gonna sound biased because of how many poor reviews this game got. But you have to believe me, this is a game that anyone who loves a shooter gotta buy.

I'm gonna tell you all the other reviews have been skipping over. Holy shit there's so many options. Don't let the class and weapon restrictions fool you, there's a lot of different ways to personalize your experience. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, each class is like 3 or four different guns, there's not a lot of unique weapons here. But you know what? That's what the real military is like.

You've got dozens of camouflages and dozens and dozens of weapon configurations. And guess what? It doesn't compromise balance. No one gun gets used over other guns here because you really have to find a gun that works for you and every upgrade you give your gun has a disadvantage. You put a larger barrel? The weight will slow you down. You decide to put a shorter stock? Your accuracy won't be as good in long ranges. Ever wanted to be a mid range stealthy operative? Take the spec ops class and give yourself a silencer and an extended barrel. Want to focus your machine gun on laying down suppressing fire? Put a 100-round mag in with a super long barrel with the iron sights and boom! You're ready to protect Omaha beach from the allied invasion.

The fireteam is the most interesting addition and it really emphasizes teamwork. While normal mode features your typical health regeneration that every single shooter has nowadays, you can get almost instant regeneration from your partner who heals and resupplies in the process. Did I mention it also adds to your score streak? Saving your buddy from danger adds to your score streak. Avenging your buddy means he gets to instantly respawn next to you if you're in a safe place and that also adds to your score streak, completing objectives together adds to your score streak, your buddy's kills and headshots also add to your own score streaks and vice versa. Kicking ass together means you both start earning towards those score streaks, score streaks will make you kick ass even harder and the points also go into your combat rating within the match and in battle log. If that's not enough incentive to work together, I don't know what anyone else can offer you.  If you hate teamwork or hate playing with friends, by all means don't buy this game because you'll hate it. If you're looking for a multiplayer shooter that doesn't feature teamwork or playing with friends I recommend Stalker or Metro 2033.

I said before that this is a cover shooter and not your traditional run and gun type of game.  Your character can peek different sides and become a tiny, tiny target. Controlling your recoil is important to hit these targets with pinpoint accuracy and checking your corners before coming out will make you win in the long run.
Every class plays differently here due to the weapon restrictions and the special class abilities. If you're not finding success playing one, perhaps you're better suited to play another class.

The game is quite good despite what other reviewers are saying. Warfighter is a well balanced shooter. It's a little differently paced and played from most first person shooters out there. The distinct emphasis on cover allows for some pretty epic scenes and there will be times you'll be reminiscing the battles with your buddy over an ice cold pint of beer. Gun customization is sexy and the class based combat opens up a lot of teamplay options. Before shooting it down just because of popular review, I suggest giving it a try. You might actually like it.

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