Monday, December 17, 2012


Last night, I was lurking on Youtube, and came across this video.

It’s a video of Cabal Online players dancing in sync and doing silly things.

To be honest it is kind of nostalgic, seeing these people having fun on a game that I used to play. Back then, I had a Force Blader, and most of the time I’m just goofing off in Bloody Ice.  It was really fun back then..

Well, enough of that reminiscing~! I’ve decided to go back to the game and get in touch with my old mates.

(imitates Optimus Prime’s voice…)
Anyways, I’m "ninabadgurl" in-game, and I sent this message to any veteran players of Cabal Online who happens across this blog. I’m coming back to Cabal Online. I am waiting.

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