Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[CABAL] Blader Skill Table (Attack Skills)

Since, CABAL NA has implemented Episode IX: Rising Force skill's cooldown and casting time doesn't change anymore which I will assume that no one uses the 9 - 20 skills anymore. For those who doesn't know about the 9 - 20 it's pertaining for the skill level. Leveling up a skill to 9 will decrease its cooldown and Leveling a skill to 20 is to decrease its cooldown and maximize its damage. Now that things have changed, I will provide a skill table for the Blader class since that's the only character I have that reached the maximum skill rank which is Transcender. Here are all the Attack skills of a Blader class from Level 1 up to 20: (Note: You can search for a skill rank in order to skip onto the others.) 

1. Novice Skills

2.) Apprentice Skills

3.) Regular Skills

4.) Expert Skills

5.) A. Expert Skills

6.) Master Skills

7.) A. Master Skills

8.) G. Master Skills

9.) Completer Skills

10.) Transcender Skills

I hope I have given you some help regarding the attack skills of a Blader. So for those who are using a Blader class. Rejoice! :)

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