Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Must… get… home… to patch xD

We all know the drill. Players and gamers alike know that fleeting feeling, that happy surge around your whole body when a new patch or game is coming out. We get giddy, get excited and sometimes squeal with delight *cough*. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Praise the Gods when it’s finally out. We all rush to buy it! Or download it or patch it whichever. We’ve probably waited days, months or even years for it God forbid. Then we wait in line. And wait. And wait. Until finally, you get a hold of it. *insert chorus of Angels* Oooooohhhh~ feels like you’re holding some kind of Holy Grail in your hands huh? Then off to play it we do!

Admit it, we are no-lifers when “new” content/game come out xD


  1. Hey!! I know how you feel LOL. I just started playing Cabal again after 4 years... long I know. But I had this huge urge to play again - so here I am. If you're in the same server as me, we can play. Lvl 160 FA... but I feel very, very outdated -__-

  2. Btw forgot to mention I'm in Mercury NA